Rey Katz: Writing

Rey’s clips cover LGBTQ rights, queer literature, martial arts, and writing craft.

Featured Piece

Black and white picture of a martial artist in silhouette practicing with a wooden sword

POPSUGAR — How Martial Arts Helped Me Accept My Nonbinary Body

“I used to unconsciously hold myself in a defensive posture: shoulders hunched forward to minimize my body, a scowl on my face to keep strangers at a distance. But when I threw people in aikido, I stood tall.”

Recent Work

How to write about trans people with respect.

February 2024—The Author Stack—How to Write About Trans People With Respect

January 2024—True Magazine—What If I’m Right About Being Trans

November 2023—Clinch: A Martial Arts Literary Magazine—Please Hit Girls (When They Ask You To)

Book cover of Places We Left Behind: a memoir-in-miniature by Jennifer Lang

September 2023—Open Letters Review—Review of Places We Left Behind by Jennifer Lang

Book cover of American Breakdown by Jennifer Lunden

May 2023—Open Letters Review—Review of American Breakdown by Jennifer Lunden

Screenshot of beginning of article including profile photo of Rey

November 2022—BREVITY’s Nonfiction Blog—How to Write Respectfully About Nonbinary People