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Do you want encouraging feedback on your writing? Would you like to know what's already good, and hear ideas for how to improve?

I'm offering an online, asynchronous workshop with a cohort of four writers for two weeks. Each writer will receive feedback from me and the other writers on one piece of their work.

This is a fast workshop (many workshop classes run for 6 or 8 weeks) and a focused commitment. I will provide guidance for how to provide good feedback and ask you what kind of feedback you are looking for.

We celebrate queer and trans voices in this space, especially people of color and people with disabilities.

Week 1: Intros, workshop pieces #1 and #2.

Week 2: Workshop pieces #3 and #4.

To register, send $25 to on Paypal, or contact me if you need an alternate payment method.

Workshop: 2 weeks starting Monday, November 29: space available, please join us!

Workshop: 2 weeks starting Monday, December 13: space available, please join us!

Your Ideas Matter! 
Write them down :)
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